Our Jewellery Care

Jewellery Care

Whether you own your grandmother’s treasure or store-bought jewellery, the key to keeping the jewellery in good condition and damage-free is by regular maintenance.

Keep the shine on forever by Queen’s quick hack without losing its charm.

  • Clean your jewellery with soft,100% cotton cloth.
  • Store the jewellery in airtight plastic boxes or using zip lock covers.
  • Do not store in velvet jewellery boxes.
  • Keep the jewels away from Perfumes, deodorants, liquid cleaners, chemical detergents as it may dim down the shine.
  • If you sweat much, wipe the jewellery with the wet cloth and air dry before storage.
  • Do not rough handle.

Make sure the tips are followed for longer shelf life over a period of 15 years or more, alike Gold jewellery.

Our Guarantee

Our exquisite array of jewellery is made of combination metals like silver, brass, and copper studded with semi-precious stones, beads and finished with a 24 ct gold sheet forming that stays for over 10 years or more without repolishing.

Every unique purchase made by our customers includes an official guarantee of one year from the time of purchase.

We at Queens to delight our customers offer free 1-year maintenance that includes all repairs caused by normal wear and tear.

Note - Minimum Charges will be applicable after the guarantee period of one year otherwise our jewellery stays for over 15 years without losing its sheen.

  • The purchases made only at Queens are applicable for the above policies and can be claimed by the invoice of purchase.
  • Kindly email along with the invoice of purchase to shop@queens.com else reach out to 7708888279, we shall assist you on how to ship the product to our workplace.
  • We shall acknowledge you with the short notice regarding the estimated time needed for the repair.